Farmers Market Menu

SATURDAYS @  Green City Farmers Market (Lincoln Park)   ∞   SUNDAYS @  Logan Square Farmers Market



Veggie Spring Roll (V) 

Filipino egg roll with market vegetable served with sweet chili or spiced vinegar

Pork Sweet Potato Spring Roll 

Filipino egg roll with ground pork, and vegetables served with sweet chili sauce 


Stone Milled Wheat Flour Open Asian Steamed Buns

comes with a selection of toppings made from micro-greens & seasonal vegetable available at the Market

Beef Bulgogi 

beef braised with bulgogi sauce with pickled cucumber, shredded carrots and sesame seeds  

Chicken Adobo

braised chicken thigh w/ fresh garlic, vinegar and soy sauce topped with Asian Slaw 

Crispy Chicken 

Asian style fried chicken with pickled vegetable and saracha mayo 

Five spice Mushroom 

sautéed mushroom with five spice, hoisin sauce, micro greens and radish 

Pork Chashu 

braised pork belly, pickled cucumber and micro greens 


(Served with fried rice or jasmine rice and pickled papaya salad)

Chicken Skewers 

grilled pork in bamboo sticks, marinated in Filipino style BBQ Sauce

Pork Skewers

grilled pork in bamboo sticks, marinated in Filipino style BBQ Sauce 

(GL) Gluten free  - (V) Vegetarian

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